About Ischia Island

Ischia is a volcanic island that sits in the bay of Naples. Inhabited for thousands of years by cultures that favored its prime location, climate and therapeutic hot springs, it has retained its undeveloped, rustic profile and wealth of natural resources into the modern era.

Ischia Weather Ischia enjoys a Mediterranean climate with high spring humidity and transitional weather patterns all year long. Although winters can be cold, visitors enjoy warmer temperatures from April to October.

Regional Cuisine of Ischia: Rabbit, buonopane ("good bread"), fish, local honey, lentils, tomatoes,basil,egplant , under oil vegetables !

Regional Wine of Ischia: Limoncello, Ischia Bianco DOC, Biancolella, Forestera

Things to Do in Ischia:boat tour and excursions on the island ! Festa della Ndrezzata in April, International Festival of Classic Music, Vinischia in July, Fumarole Beach, Pithecusae Archaeological Museum

Where is Ischia? Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, sitting west of Procida and further into the Tyrrhenian Sea.You can reach ischia with a boat transfer ! The boat transfer can be aranged from the airport to ischia island ,with mercedes car and our speed boats in only 1 h !IschiaAragona

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