Capri Hollywood Celebrates Their 20th Anniversary


Its been  about one month since the Capri Hollywood Film Festival  ignited the dormant streets of Capri Italy. This end of the year event ran from December 26th - January 2nd highlighting the “best of” and the “whats to come” of the latest reviewed films. The International Film festival presented 80 films including premieres and special screenings, symposiums and music performances. A-List stars and industry heavyweights a like were seen in many of the local hangouts dressed to the nines as this is their winter getaway. This is the events 20th anniversary.


In honor of the extensive run, the committee will be dedicating this soiree to the French actress, Brigette Bardot. Bardot is an international icon who famously cavorted on the rooftops of the island’s Casa Malaparte in Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt”.mepris_02


Like many festivals, Capri will screen and honor an eclectic mix of European art house films and American independent releases that are attracting awards attention. Films such as Hateful Eight, Room, Beasts of No Nation, and Youth were some of the films that won awards this season. Quentin Tarantino’s, Hateful Eight, made a huge impression at the event walking away with 4 awards for Best Film, Samuel Jackson for Best Actor and Jennifer Leigh with Best Supporting Actress and Best Score. It was good day for the Hateful Eight crew. Room’s Brie Larson walked away with Best Leading Actress award and Bobby Moresco winning the Capri Italian- American Award of the year.   


 Cast of the Hateful Eight

High profiled pictures such as The Danish Girl are to be screened  at the event as well. This film is about a transgendered it girl played by the award winning actor, Eddie Redmayne. The film has received a Humanitarian Award, which seems appropriate given the island’s historic reputation as a haven for gay aristocrats and intellectuals. The screening was followed by a forum, held by the Young People Against Homophobia, to discuss current related issues in Italy. This type of subject matter is not common within european media and is a big deal in Italian society that will for sure cause many heads to turn, but  to the future.



Other celebrities awarded in Capri include Italian filmmakers Giuseppe M. Gaudino, Guido Chiesa, Marco Ponti, Massimiliano Bruno, Riccardo Milani; Actors Paola Cortellesi (Capri Award as Italian Actress of the Year); Alessandro Cremona (Exploit Award for “007-Spectre”); Alessandro Siani (Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni’s Special Telegatto for the 2015 Best Box Office Gross “Si accettano miracoli”) Francesco Pannofino, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Federico R. Rossi; And pianist Giovanni Allevi for music.


Paola Cortellesi (Capri Award as Italian Actress of the Year)

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (D.G Cinema), the Campania Region (Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage), Italian Trade Agency, as well as by the Towns of Capri and Anacapri, with the participation of Rainbow, Ambi Group, Mediaset and Rai.


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