Marina Grande

It is absolutely impossible for you to miss Marina Grande when visiting the island of Capri. The name itself shouts “our biggest beach” and with that being said it is the arrival point for all charter boats, private boats, tours and even the ferries, and hydrofoils coming from the mainland. This magnificent tourist spot is the holding area of 4 beautiful beaches that offer public access as well as private access to only exclusive customers who choose to reach these spots by boat.


The port itself features many different cafes, shops, restaurants and places to purchase tickets for tours by funicular with easy access to the main village. It is bordered by sheer cliff walls and colorful boats making it the perfect Italian backdrop for your vacation pictures. Some of the most famous and luxurious resorts are also located in this lively area. It is very, active with high energy locals that will have no problem in persuading you to come in and experience the culture and embrace the scene.

The marina itself was used as an ancient fishing port used by the Romans during the Augustian times. You can still see how the city resembles this time period in the way the homes are structured. The top floors being the main living area and the bottoms floor used as boat storage. It wasn't until 1928 when major boat vessels started using the port as a marina.


The video below displays a perfect aerial view of Marina Grande, giving you just a hint of what the site has to offer.


Ischia Charter Boats has been driving and providing customers with these tours, making visitors experiences vacations of a lifetime. Rentals are availble for transfers from Marina Grande to any of the other islands as well as private tours that can take you to see places around the island of Capri and its blue grotto. Transfers are availble to reach Napoli, Ischia, Faraglioni and Amalfi 24 hrs a day. 

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