Ports of Procida by Boat

The small city of Procida is one of the most underrated tourist spots within the bay of Naples. This city has so much to offer when it comes to food, shopping, historical sites and vast landscape views. The best way to explore Procida is to take a boat tour. This way, you can catch a couple glimpses of the scenic delights.


Marina Grande - This is the main port of Procida where all boat tours, boat transfers, ferries and hydrofoils disembark. Here you get the refreshing feel of the authenticity in Italy with the colorful architecture and fishing markets. Marina Grande is the economic and social center of Procida where you will find many local craft shops, as well as bars, pizzerias and restaurants much appreciated by natives and tourists who choose the island for holidays and vacations.


Marina di Chiaiolello - With enough practice, you will be able to properly pronounce “Chiaolello” with ease by the end of your visit. The harbor itself is very quant and pleasant. Its most appealing feature is the location. Its on a narrow strip of land with a beach on one side and a pretty harbour on the other. This means that you can enjoy a short circular stroll along the seaside. The harbour at Chiaiolella has been developed into a large leisure marina, which livens up on summer weekends when Italian families disembark from their yachts for a meal. It is also a working fishing harbor with many inhabitants laying across the nets. The best sunsets can be caught over the marina. The island’s most visited beach is a long stretch of sand which is backed by various beach cafes, restaurants, a narrow road and beyond that, shacks and vegetable patches. It's a strange, rather scruffy atmosphere, but appealing. The main street of Chiaiolella runs down to the harbour, and has a reasonable range of small shops.



Marina della Corricella - The most picturesque and charming spot on the island of Procida is Marina Corricella. This is a thin sliver of waterfront backed by a cliff made of fishermen's houses. Behind a long fishing harbour, houses were built on and into the rock in a kind of pretty vertical muddle. There are several bars and restaurants in Corricella, with tables attractively scattered along the waterfront, interspersed with painted fishing-boats. Despite the obvious tourist appeal of the settlement, it still has an 'authentic' feel, like so much of Procida. This is a wonderful spot for a lazy lunch or a romantic evening meal with the water lapping nearby. Unfortunately it is a bit of a walk from the nearest bus routes, and you have to climb up the lanes or steps to leave the settlement, but it is well worth the effort. You can skip the hassle by scheduling a boat tour or boat transfer to the location as it is one of our many popular stops. We provide private transfers from Capri, Ischia, Napoli and the Amalfi Coast to the ports of Procida.


The best way to reach these destinations is by boat. You can really see the best views and get the true vibes that the island has to offer with private boat tours and excursions. The sea, food and greenery are the things that make for this perfect escape. Leave your worries behind and plan your trip to Procida today.

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