Sant’Anna celebration on a private boat with Ischia Charter

Sant’Anna celebration in Ischia


On July 29th, Ischia celebrates one of its most picturesque traditions: book your private boat for the celebration of Sant'Anna of the fishermen!


You can admire the unique allegorical boat parade and fireworks during Sant'Anna celebration: our private boats will take you to Cartaromana in Ischia from Capri, Naples, and many other places. Private transfers from Ischia Porto to Naples, Amalfi, Positano, and Capri are also available at the end of the event.


Visiting Ischia during Sant'Anna


Spending the last days of July in Ischia means that you have to attend an unmissable event: the celebration of Sant'Anna of the fishermen.
Each year, this breathtaking event captures the heart of hundreds of tourists, as well as autochthonous, and the reason for that is very simple: it's a unique show in the whole world.
During this night, you will see a parade of allegorical boats, while a massive (fake) fire will engulf the Aragonese castle. Then, at the end of the night, colorful fireworks will illuminate the sky. The celebration was created in 1932 and never stops fascinating during the years.

The main event takes place on the evening of July 29, but celebrations begin at least a couple of days before with a dinner on the sea, rowing races and many more activities.
Anyway, the allegorical boat parade is the main event. They are inspired by great people who loved Ischia, such as writers and musicians and built by artisans of the island.
Even the fire of the Aragonese Castle and fireworks are an impressive show that involves the entire Bay of Cartaromana. You can see them even from Capri and Procida. Moreover, hundreds of typical lanterns, called Lampetelle, illuminate the castle and define the outlines of this architectural and natural scenery.


Where is the best place to see Sant'Anna in Ischia?


As we have already said, this representation is so great that can be viewed even from the islands of Procida and Capri. Anyway, there's nothing like being here, and we can take you in Ischia at Sant'Anna from anywhere you are in the Gulf of Naples.
To enjoy the beauty of Ischia during this historic event, you can choose the position you prefer:

  • you can stay in Ischia Ponte, near the rocks at the feet of the Castello Aragonese;
  • or maybe you can watch the fireworks on a boat, in the splendid bay of Cartaromana.

As we have already said, whether you stay in Ischia or Capri, our crew will pick you up directly at the hotel and take you to Sant'Anna: private boat transfers from/to Capri, Naples, Amalfi, Positano are available during the celebration of Sant’Anna.

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